Welcome to the Family Dollar Consumer Insights Platform Resource Hub! Here you will find documentation and training support to help familiarize yourself with the platform offerings.

Table of Contents

1.0       E-Learning Suite

2.0       Monthly Use Case Webinars

3.0       Quarterly Onsite Training

4.0       Monthly Diamond Consultation Calls

5.0       Training Resources, Documentation, Release Notes

6.0       Training Options by Subscription Tier

7.0       1010data Contact Information

1.0 - E-Learning Suite

Online portal providing self-service help 24/7 via a knowledge base of articles, videos, forums, and more. Please email support@1010data.com if you would like to be added to our online training curriculum. 

There are 3 courses as outlined below which are retailer agnostic and sit on top of masked grocery data.

  • CIP 101 [Getting Started]: This module covers setting up reports; saving/sharing/exporting; custom lists and hierarchies; introduction to the Excel Add-In.
  • CIP 201 [Use-Case Based Reporting]: Focuses on applying principles of 101 to business use-cases across various functional areas: Sales, Replenishment, Basket Analysis, Promotion Planning, Merchandising, OOS Analysis.
  • CIP 301 [Ad-Hoc Analysis]: Focuses on how to leverage retail data in its rawest form to conduct on the fly analytics using the Trillion Row Spreadsheet.

2.0 - Monthly Use Case Webinar Series

Web based 45-minute use case training session intended to provide users a base to begin exploring CIP reporting in advance of the more in-depth quarterly training sessions.

Topics covered during these sessions, will include:

  • Basic Platform Navigation
  • Introduction to Sales & Inventory Report Building and Interpretation
  • Getting Started Tips/Tricks

To register for the sessions, please reach out to Melissa Mendell (Melissa.Mendell@1010data.com).

Date / TimeTopicRegistration / Link to Documentation
January 13, 2021Inventory Trend Report
December 2021New Report Launcher Overview
November 2021Market Basket Reporting
October 2021Planogram Reporting at Family Dollar
September 2021Elevate Your Category Management Insights with 1010data
August 2021Introduction to Family Dollar CIP
July 2021Leveraging the Excel Add-In at Family Dollar
June 2021Inventory Trend Report 101
May 2021Planogram Reset Reporting
April 2021Market Basket Insights 
March 2021TLOG Reports 
February 2021Family Dollar Vendor Scorecard Follow Up Reporting
January 2021Analyzing Aged Inventory 
December 2020Vendor Portal Maintenance Release

November 2020

Inventory Trend Report 101: Introduction and Useful Techniques
August 2020Root Cause Analysis with Published Queries
July 2020How to Transform TLOG Reports into Insights
June 2020Maximizing the Value of Exception Reporting
May 2020CIP v4.12 Upgrade
March 2020Promotion Effectiveness
January 20205 Ways to Drive Sales at Family Dollar

3.0 - Quarterly Virtual Training

Virtual training include the following topics using Family Dollar data:

  • Sales & Inventory Reporting Workshop
  • Market Basket Reporting Workshop
  • Planogram Reset Reporting Workshop
  • Excel Add-In Reporting Workshop
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Workshop
  • Category Advisor Reporting Workshop (Exclusive to Family Dollar Category Advisors)
  • Diamond Strategy Session (Exclusive to Diamond Tier Subscribers)
DatesLocationRegistration Link

Q1 Training

March 2022

Virtual Training via Zoom
  • Coming Soon

4.0 - Monthly Diamond Consultation Calls

Custom one-on-one consulting sessions exclusively for Diamond Tier subscribers, provided by 1010data. These sessions are tailored to meet your organization’s needs and can range from basic training to advanced reporting and overall strategic approach. Consultation calls can be booked via this link using Calendly. Topics frequently covered include:

  • Creating weekly or monthly reports using the Excel Add-In
  • Tracking sell through and inventory levels on discontinued items
  • Evaluating the impact of SKU transitions or pack size changes
  • Preparing for a line review using POG data and reports
  • Uploading and maintaining a Custom Hierarchy

5.0 - Training Resources, Documentation, Release Notes

Training Resources

Release Notes

Use Case Examples (One-Sheets)

6.0 - Family Dollar Training Options by Tier

Training options by tier are detailed within the table below:

Additionally, all tiers have access to the 1010data Support Team (Support@1010data.com) for technical support including login help, user change notifications, troubleshooting, and report help.

7.0 – 1010data Contact Information

  • Steve Sak – Vendor Engagement Manager, Steve.Sak@1010data.com
    • Contact for: Account Inquiries, Upgrades, General Program Questions
  • Melissa Mendell - Solutions Consultant, Melissa.Mendell@1010data.com
    • Contact for: Webinars, Onsite Training, Diamond Consultation Calls
  • 1010data Support Team – Technical Support, Support@1010data.com 
    • Contact for: Login Help, New Users, Platform Troubleshooting, Reporting Help