To copy an XML query from your old user ID to your new user ID in a different tier, follow the steps below.
1. Log into your old ID, go to Tools > Object Manager
2. In Object Manager, go to the folder where you saved your queries. For example, to expand My Data click on the arrow to the left of the folder icon.
3. In the My Data folder,
(1) Right-click on the desired query
(2) Select Edit query in Macro Language Workshop to open an MLW window with the query
4. In the MLW window, press Ctrl-A to select all the code, press Ctrl-C to copy the selected code.
5. In a another browser tab, log into your new user ID. Go to Tools > Macro Language Workshop to open a clean MLW window
6. In the new MLW window, click into the white textbox next to the line number 1 and then press Ctrl-V to paste the copied code
7. In MLW, go to File > Save Query As... to open the Save dialog
8. In the Save dialog,
(1) click on the My Data folder so that
(2) Path is set to uploads
(3) toggle the Options button to display the Options dialog.
9.  In the Save Options dialog,
(1) enter Title and optionally enter Short Description and Long Description
(2) set permissions as necessary
(3) click Save
10. Run your query as you normally do in compatibility mode or use TRS or MLW in the new interface.