Unexpected User State:

You open a query in the Macro Language Workshop (MLW) and do not see your full code. Instead you only see a base and ignore statement, similar to the code below:


To see your full code:

1. Go to Tools > Object Manager.

2. In My Data, select the saved query. 

3. Right-click and select Open query in TRS.

4. Click Import Hidden Actions.

5. The Trillion Row Spreadsheet (TRS) lists each operation and you can continue to edit the query in TRS.

6. If however, you wish to edit the XML code itself:

      1. Select Develop tab

      2. Select Edit query XML

      3. Click Proceed

7. The XML code can then be edited in an MLW window.


The query was created and saved in TRS. When the query is opened in MLW, the complete original code is not shown because the operations are hidden in TRS. The query needs to be opened first in TRS and the hidden actions need to be imported.