To share an existing custom hierarchy (table) with other users at your company, use the Custom Table Manager. Please note that you can only edit/share custom hierarchies you own.

1. Select Custom Table Manager from the Applications menu

2. Click Edit

3. Navigate to your custom hierarchy type (e.g., Primary SKU) under Custom Hierarchies and then select the custom hierarchy to edit
Note: You can only edit custom hierarchies you own. When you hover over the table name, a key icon will appear if it is owned by your user account

4. Click Open

5. In the Users field, add the users with whom you wish to share your hierarchy. Do not remove your own username
If you wish to share your custom hierarchy with all users at your company, select the Inherit checkbox - You do not need to specify individual users if this is checked

6. Click SAVE to save the changes
SAVE AS can be used if, instead of overwriting your original custom hierarchy, you wish to save a new copy with a different name