1. From Add-Ins > 1010data > Upload Data, Select Add New U-Sheet.

    A new 1010data Upload Sheet will be created.

  2. Select Add-ins > 1010data > Upload Data > Get Column Info From Table.

  3. From the dialog which appears, enter the full path to the existing table and select Retrieve Column Info
    In this example, we will use the table Sales Item Detail (with the path training.retail.item).
  4. Enter your 1010data username and password when prompted.
  5. The new U-Sheet will be populated with the existing column information.
  6. If the table is being replaced (rather than appended), follow steps 6-9. If you are appending the existing table with new rows of data, skip to step 10.
    In order to recreate the existing table in the new U-sheet, the table data must be exported from 1010data.
    Log into 1010data (this will end your existing session in the Excel Add-In) and open the table to be modified.
  7. Select Download > To Microsoft Excel > XLSX.

  8. It is recommended to create a backup copy of the downloaded Excel file for safekeeping.
  9. Copy and paste each column of data from the downloaded Excel file into the corresponding columns in the new 1010data Upload Sheet.
  10. Make sure to include the Table Title of the table which is being replaced/appended, Table Name (path) to the table, and specify Replace or Append as appropriate.
  11. Before uploading the new U-sheet, you must log back into the Excel Add-In by selecting Add Ins > 1010data > 1010data Login and entering your login credentials.
    In the login screen, change the dropdown from Enter Existing Session to End Existing Session and select Secure Login.
  12. Upload the changes by selecting Add Ins > 1010data > Upload Data > Upload Active U-Sheet.

    You will be presented with a message indicating that the table load is in progress.
  13. Once the upload is complete, the Upload Status in cell B9 will be changed to show a timestamp of the changes made, and number of rows and columns uploaded.
  14. Log out of your session by selecting Add Ins > 1010data > Logout.
  15. You can verify the changes made by re-opening the table in 1010data.