As specific definitions of "high volume" or "high performing" stores will vary, there is currently no inherent way to identify a store as a high-volume store. However, it is possible to easily create a list of top-selling stores to use in CIP reports. 

This process will create a CIP report on Sales $ summarized by Store, sort the results descending on Sales $ (thereby identifying stores with top sales), export to an Excel spreadsheet, and copy and paste the top stores into a new custom list for use in reporting.

1. From CIP Report Launcher, launch Sales Trend Report

2. Use the Date Filter to identify the date range over which to view sales data, and optionally, the Product Filter to include any specific products by which you want to view top selling stores

3. Under Summarization, choose the option to identify unique store numbers (usually Store, Location, or Store Number)

4. Under Metrics, choose Sales $

5. Click Analyze to run the report

6. Once the report is run and shows Sales $ per store, select the down arrow on the Sales $ column to sort downward, placing the top-selling stores at the top of the table

7. Select Export > Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

8. Open the downloaded file in Excel, and copy the top selection of the Store Number column to your clipboard (select the range of cells and press Ctrl+C). The selected cells will be your list of high-volume stores.

9. In 1010data, open Custom Table Manager. The following steps can also be found in: Create a Custom List

10. Under Category and Type, select Store

11. Under Table Title, give the new list a name (such as "High Volume Stores")

12. Paste the store numbers from your clipboard by selecting the first cell and pressing CTRL+V

13. Select Save As to save the list

You can now use the custom list in any CIP report under the Store Filter to run a report on your high-volume stores.