1. Prepare the data to upload in a worksheet. 


2. Open Applications > Custom Table Manager

3. a) Select NEW on the left hand side of Custom Table Manager.

     b) Select the Category and Type from the dropdowns for the custom hierarchy you wish to set up. Available categories and types will differ for each retailer. 

         For the example above, an Item Number hierarchy is the correct hierarchy, because the sample hierarchy works off the Item Number (first column). 

     c) Click SUBMIT to start. 

4. Enter the required information.

       a) Enter a Name for your Custom Hierarchy under Table Name 

       b) You can add a Description (optional)

       c) The Users field allows you to share the Custom Hierarchy with other users. Start typing a name and select the user.

           Alternatively, you can use the Inherit Users? checkbox to give access to all users of your company. 

5. Right-click into the empty cell of the table and select Show column info

     Column info will be displayed. 

6. Select the first empty cell below the column info headers

7. Copy your prepared table data (do not copy any column headings) from Excel or another spreadsheet application, and within Table Manager, paste into selected empty cell using CTRL + V

8. Fill out the Name, Label and Type for each of the columns. 

Name (required): Use lowercase letters and underscores (_) only. This will be the column names. 

Label (optional): The "friendly" column labels. These can contain uppercase letters and symbols.

Type (required): Possible types: 

  • text - for text (most columns should be of the this type, even if they are numbers, unless mathematical calculations will specifically need to be performed on the column values)
  • dec - for decimal values
  • int - for non-decimal numbers

9. Click Validate Entered List to check if your entries for Type are correct. 

Invalid entries - Records in your custom list do not exist in the corresponding data table. This message will lead to the following options: 
Accept Changes: Removes all above rows from Table Editor. Note: other columns in that row will also be removed.
Reject Changes: Returns to the Custom Table Manager without removing the rows shown above.

If you wish to amend the invalid entries, select Reject Changes to return to the table and manually edit. 

Once your entries are checked and correct, you will see the success notification: 

10. Click Save As to save your Custom Hierarchy. 

A success message will confirm that your Custom Hierarchy was saved.