Use the Custom Table Manager to create a one-column table (list) of information such as Store Numbers, DC Numbers, or SKUs.

1. Select Applications > Custom Table Manager

2. Select New

3. Select the Category and Type (the unique identifiers which will be entered, such as store numbers or SKUs) specific to the type of list you wish to create, then click SUBMIT

4. Create a name for the table under Table Name
(Optional) Add a Description for your table
(Optional) Under Users, specify any additional users who should have access to the list, or select Inherit Users to allow access to all users at your company

5. Begin adding values to the list in the right-hand pane

To paste in a list of values, select the first cell
Either right-click the cell and select Paste from the context menu, or press Ctrl+V

6. (Optional) Click Validate Entered List to ensure that all list values are valid. For more information, see: Validate a Custom List

7. When your list is complete, click Save As and you will receive a notification that the table was saved successfully

The list will be saved under your company's shared folder.