Product:   CIP

Version:  4.4+


Multi-Time Period Reporting allows users to perform analysis across multiple time periods in the same report. All selected metrics will return data for each individual time period

Note: This functionality is available to certain tiers - Please reach out to your vendor engagement manager or support@1010data.com for more information

Add a time period

  1. In Date Filter, select Calendar.

Note: You can only choose one calendar option.

2. Select the first time period in Select by

3. Check Comp to include a Comparison Period with the selected time period. Click > to adjust the Comparison Period. (Optional)



4. Click + to add another time period.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for all desired time periods.

Remove a time period

Note: The last added time period cannot be removed. Remove an earlier time period and edit the remaining Date Filters to the desired time periods.

  • Click - next to the time period to remove.

Additional Information: 

Adding and deleting time periods too quickly may cause errors, such as the below, when running the report. Please make sure all selections have loaded fully before adding another time period or clicking Analyze.