The 1010data Insights Platform is available in both a stable production version of the system (Prime) and a version that provides access to the latest features (Beta).

The Insights Platform follows an iterative release cycle along three tracks: Prod, Prime, and Beta. Prime changes infrequently, one or two major updates a year, and focuses on stability. Beta changes frequently, roughly once a week, and focuses on providing the latest features of the system for testing and experimentation. The Prod track is no longer under active development, but when necessary may receive important updates such as security patches or bug fixes.

To access the newest version of each track, use the following URLs:

For each release track, it is possible to access older versions. Each version of the system is assigned a version number. To access a specific version in each release track, use the following URL format:


For example, to access Prime version 10.48, enter the following URL:

It should be noted that versions reflect a snapshot of features, functions, and other system processes. However, versions do not affect the folders, tables, and queries a user can access. These items persist across all versions of the system, but are specific to each Insights Platform URL.