You can share objects that you own with others, giving them permission to see your tables or run your queries.

If you need to share objects with multiple users, consider creating a group. For instructions, see Create a new group.

To share an object:

  1. In the Object Manager, navigate to and click the object you want to share.
    Note: You can only share objects that have an Owner icon () next to them in the object browser, which indicates that you own those objects.
  2. Click the Information () icon.
    The Object Manager displays the information dialog.
  3. In the Users field, add the names of the 1010data Insights Platform users or groups, separated by a comma, with whom you want to share the selected object.
    If you select Inherit Users, the Insights Platform users that have access to the parent folder (the folder this object is in) will have access to this object.
    Note: Inherit Users takes precedence over the Users list for this object.
  4. Click Submit.
    The Object Manager updates the permissions and closes the information dialog.