When trying to use the Excel Add-in and run queries, you receive the following error:


1.) Enable logging to find out what could be causing the error:
Follow the steps detailed here

2.) If you get similar errors in the logs as those below, you need to contact your IT team.

Errors in the 1010data.logs:
Login1010 failed: User .... not logged in
Error in Sub/Func Login1010(...,...): 1505 Transport error 7: Couldn't connect to server; Source: Thrown manually

Transport Error 7 is a failure of the ODBC driver to connect to the host or proxy. It seems that your web browser is configured to use your corporate proxy, but the rest of your operating system is not. 

To resolve this you will need to contact your IT staff to obtain your proxy's URL or IP address, what port it listens on, and if it requires a username/password.

To connect to my.proxy.com which requires a username/password with user "john" and password "pass" on port 8082, your Proxy URL would look be:

If a username and password are not required, you can simply enter the URL, e.g.: http://myproxyurl.com

These details can be entered by selecting Add-Ins tab > 1010data > Options

3.) Should you see any other error messages in the log files, please do not hesitate to send them to us for further investigation.