A debug log file and XML log file are required when submitting a 1010data support request to resolve any issues with the 1010data Excel Add-in.

Note: You should only enable debug logging when you are trying to resolve an issue with the 1010data Excel Add-in.

To enable debug and XML logging:

1. Open Excel, and click on the Addins tab. Click on 1010data > Debug Logging

            Debug Logging menu item

Debug Logging dialog

2. Click Browse to open the File Save dialog and navigate to the folder where the debug file will reside. Double-click an existing debug_file or enter the name of a debug_file in the File name text box. Disregard the Save as type drop-down list, as 1010data will append a specialized extension to the log file(s).

3. We recommend you select the Enable XML logging? check box. This log will be a text file containing the XML interactions between the 1010data Excel Add-in and the 1010data server.

4. If you would like to append to the existing log file(s), select the Append existing log(s)? check box. If this check box is not selected, the log file(s) will be overwritten.

5. Click Enable Logging.

Debug logging will commence, and the resultant files:

  • debug_file.1010log
  • debug_file.1010xml (if XML logging is selected)

will reside in the folder specified in the Debug Logging dialog.

Note: Debug (and XML) logging will remain enabled until Excel is closed.