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Does anyone else use 1010data in conjunction with Alteryx?

We use Alteryx to connect to 1010data via the ODBC connector. Curious if anyone else does so? We've been talking to Alteryx about how we can get Alteryx to support 1010data as an in-database connector and they are interested how many people are using 1010data and Alteryx together.

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Hi Jack,

Thank you very much for the post.  Great question.  

While we investigate on our end, I invite other users to add their thoughts/experiences.  


Hi Jack, 

This looks to be a unique workflow at this point, though I will continue to investigate from our side.  

Community members, please add feedback on whether you are using 1010data and Alteryx together, or are considering doing so.



I would also like to be able to connect 1010 and Alteryx

Yes hitting the information with alteryx would be great.

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